Once you arrive in Manizales, you have several transport alternatives. Among the locations that ISEA2017 will have there are short distances as travel times. Some of them are:


Taxi service in Manizales is easily accessible, safe, fast and economical. In the city system, service request is implemented via telephone line served by call center or mobile application. The applications that can be downloaded are: City Taxi (application developed in conjunction with the Unit for Entrepreneurship of University of Caldas) and Easy Taxi. Downloading applications is free and available in AppStore and Google Play. The cost of the taxi service varies according to the distances (an average of 8 to 10 kilometers). The average cost is 6.000 COP.

Air Cable

A modern version of the old transport system in Manizales in the 20’s. This system is used daily by the citizens and its mobilization capacity is 1,400 passengers per hour. It is a clean system, it does not affect soil or water currents and also provides a tourist look of the city in its route. Biking Manizales (public transport bicycle): Works with a biometric system, users put their fingerprint, take a bicycle and have an hour to move from one season to another. This transport system is presented in the city as a clean alternative, no outgassing, free and open to all.


The city routes are quick, mostly displacements are among its main avenues. This transportation service manages to cover effectively the different routes that exist within the city. It is an affordable service of 1,900 pesos COP approximately.