Depending on where ISEA2017 participants come, the alternatives to arrive to the country and Manizales can vary. Colombia has 14 international airports. El Dorado International Airport, located in the capital, is the one with greater connections to different destinations. To get to Manizales three forms of travel are suggested.


If possible on your itinerary, get a flight from Bogota to Manizales (Airport La Nubia). The flight duration is approximately 40 minutes.


When programming your journey, you can schedule your flight from Bogota to Pereira(Matecaña International Airport). This city is one hour from Manizales and has better weather conditions; this means there is less chance of cancel or schedule change. Once you are in Pereira, you can go to the Transportation Terminal and buy a ticket (by land) to Manizales. The ticket cost is ten thousand pesos (10,000) COP and its duration is one hour.


In Bogota you can go to Transportation Terminal and buy a ticket to travel to Manizales; the value is sixty thousand pesos (60,000) COP and lasts eight to nine hours (8-9) with a stop.