What is the relation between ISEA2017 and the Image Festival?

The 16º International Image Festival will host the International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA2017, that’s the reason why both events made a joint call.

When should I arrive in Manizales and how long should I be there?

The event runs from 11 to 18 June. The recommendation for attendees is to arrive in the city on June 10 and travel back on June 19 so they can enjoy the full schedule of the Symposium.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Sometimes due to weather conditions, flights to Manizales are delayed. When this happens, it is normal that the flight that comes from Bogota arrives at Pereira, a city that is close to Manizales. By bus, the route between Pereira and Manizales is approximately one hour.

Is there any financial aid for those who participate in ISEA2017?

No. Each participant will be responsible for the attendance expenses. However, we can provide you with a formal letter of acceptance, that can help securing funding with national and international institutions of your choice. Email your request to

Will the event be in English or Spanish?

The official language of ISEA2017 is English. However, there will be simultaneous translation into Spanish in all activities except workshops and evening programming (concerts, sound landscapes, among others).